Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Comin Out

Suffice it to say that as I read and reread the account of Lazarus's resurrection, I think it, now this is just me, but I think it no doubt took place not long before Jesus's resurrection so that they would understand/believe His ressurection which was to come. I mean they had seen people raised from the dead, and had heard accounts of people raised from the dead, but I think most of those were from people who had like just been dead a little bit. Not from people who were in the grave, for like, let's say 4 days, (or 3 days even). I have to say I love so much how God continually prepares us for the things to come which we have no idea are coming.

These passages have spurred me (like a rider on a stubborn mule) to ponder people's opinions. Even in the crowd that day it seemed like everyone had one. I'm teaching my 6th graders about hermeneutics right now and I can see in this passage how people looked at what was going on in the drama and perceived it from their own perspective and set of life circumstances. "Lord, you can do anyting, why didn't you keep this hard thing from happening to me?" "Jesus is crying. Look how much he loved Lazarus." "Oh! Jesus is crying. If he's the Son of God couldn't he have kept Lazarus from dying." (That rhymes--there is a possible Bible lesson rap in there) Knowing that I can be a woman of coffee opinions (strong and heated), makes me want to have the eyes and mind of Christ instead of the eyes and mind of Ms Dawn. Prayin much for transformation by the renewing of my mind, and the wisdom to keep a lot more of my opinions to myself.

Anyway, it's get so good after Martha's momentary break of not quite getting it again. Sometimes Martha is like me doing math. She gets it, she doesn't get it, she gets it, she doesn't get. And Jesus, well he's just Jesus. Now Martha, didn't I tell you, "whatever you do to the left side, you have to do to the right side." WAIT! That wasn't Jesus,that was Mr Jackson, my 9th grade algebra teacher. Jesus said, "Martha, I told you that if you just believed, you would see the glory of God. So put your believin pumps on and get ready to take this investment to the faith building bank." Okay, I added that last part just cuz it's early and I'm being silly.

So Jesus prays, outloud, for other people's benefit (take that Tebow haters) and then he does it. He calls Lazarus out of the tomb. WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Before that, he has them move the stone. I don't know who "them" is, but "they" do it. "They" come out of the crowd, "they" come out to the tomb and "they" come out and move that stone. And as a result "they" come out witnesses of one of the greatest miracles of all time. BUT WAIT!! There's more. . .

As Jesus calls outs in a loud voice, no less, "Lazarus! Come out!" The Bible says, "Lazarus, came out!" He didn't come out of the tomb quite like Jesus. We see no record of neatly folded linens, but he comes out. It makes the think of the man at the pool of Siloam. . . .(Do you want to get well?) Lazarus, come out. It would have been ridiculous for Lazarus to have chosent his moment to not obey (which is actually sugar coated wording for "disobey" which we think sounds worse than "not obey" for some reason I can't explain, neither of which seems to sound as bad to us as rebellion which is really what we are doing when we disobey.) OOPS! Sorry for that momentary mathematially moment--- I was ADDing somethings up in my mind:)

I guess what I want to remember is that if I want to live, I need to come out when Jesus calls. I need to come out and follow. I need to come out and meet Jesus. I need to come out and tell others he is here. I need to come out and talk with Jesus honestly. I need to come out of my self centered opinions. I need to come out of the crowd. I need to come out and move some stones so someone else can live. I need to come out of death and into life--come out of my disbelief, fear, hurt, rebellion and I need to come out and see the glory of God.

Oh did I mention that when Lazarus comes out, Jesus tells "them" to "take off his grave clothes and let him go." Which reminds me, I need to COME OUT AND GO to all the world, making disciples, baptizing "them" and teaching "them" to obey all He has commanded, and He will be with me until the end of the age.

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