Tuesday, February 24, 2009

God is. . . .

Our revival theme for 2009 is God is. . . .
Now you can meet our revival team for 2009. Hunter, Justin, Jeremy, Stephanie and Connor will be coming March 15-18 to lead our Children's Revival. There may be a couple of others, too. So get ready, get rested, get inviting, get praying, and then get yourselves to Revival 2009.
God is. . . .gonna be there!


He's fluffy, but he's cute, and of course, he's ours. Maybe that's sort of how God sees us. Y'know? We may not look so appealing to some people, but because we are His, he loves us like nobody can understand. Someday we will, but not now, not me anyway. His love is just sooo big, and I'm amazed at how my scruffy, chapstick eating, garbage eating dog gives me glimpses of the love of God.

Smokey the Lion

Smokey needs a haircut so badly!!!! He looks like a lion, or just like a really freaky dog!

Jesus sends a Valentine

Look at this picture the Penfields sent me!!! After the last snow, when they looked out their window--ta da! This is what they saw in their tree!!! How cool is that!! I know you know Jesus loves you, and I want to remind you guys that I love you too! I am proud and excited and blessed to teach and love and hang out with all of you! Have a great day!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Food, Friends, Fun

Nicholas at MANSTUFF!

WII (top left) New Boots (Bottom Left)
Karli and Elizabeth sportin' Attitude Glasses!!!!!

More food

Emily, Kailee and Elisabeth are ready to dig in.

Taste and See that the Lord is good (so is the salad)

Monica and Kim got asian salad, the rest of us are looking forward to our meals.

Oh Yeah!

It was all good!!!!!! Karli, Danita and Patience were all happy with their choices.

The Park Bench

We are getting ready to order--smoothies, mochas, turtles, chais, juices, it was all there and all wonderful!!! What is a tuscan tomato anyway???? Who likes mushrooms? What is tuna salad? Look! Little potato sticks! Chocolate mouse??? No mousse!!!! Ohhhhhh!

You Go Girls!

Danita and Emily are checked out and ready to go!

Shop til You Drop

Here we are waiting in line at the dollar tree!! Next stop The Park Bench. (FYI--Monica is not sleeping standing up, not yet anyway!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bling! Bling!

B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L!!! Bling, Bling! 3rd-4th Grade Girls made these at our Pizza Hut Lunch!

Look at all the pretty girls who their pretty rings at the pretty Pizza Hut!!! I love these girls!!!

Flippin Out

Some one is flippin, but I can't tell who it is??? Can somebody tell me who this is? I saw Ms Joy do some pretty awesome things, but I don't think this is her, do you?


This is the big foam pit. It was sooo hard to get out of there!

Andrew is hanging around at Gem City Gymnastics!! We had a blast with the big foam pit!
Jarod, Jacob, Nick and Madison don't seem to be afraid of the camera AT ALL. This week we talked about telling others about Jesus. Revival is coming and that is one of the EASIEST times to invite someone to church. Remember, Revival is March 13-18 at 7pm every night!

Jessica and Karli are waiting patiently for their turn at the memory verse game! You are the light of the world! Matthew 5:14

Sunday, February 08, 2009

It was SONday

Hey! What a good Sonday! As we learn about treating people with respect and love, I am consistanly overwhelmed at how much I have to learn in this area. Our HiSKidZ learned that God wants us to treat everyone fairly even when they are different, and we all confessed today that sometimes that is just plain hard. BUT. . .God is the God of hard things and nothing is impossible for Him. So off we will go to school this week with a new understanding that just smiling at someone new or saying "Hi!" to someone we usually walk right past or stopping to help with books when normally we would tell ourselves we are too busy is a way to make Jesus' words come alive in our lives--becoming a light in what might otherwise be a dim or dark place.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Thanks Deb!!

My good friend Deb had to help me find my blog today. How terrible is that. Terrible of me to have gone so long that I couldn't remember my own blogsite. But wonderful of Deb to keep up with such things. Thanks to you Ms Deb!!!

This week I have been reading about how to treat widows in the church. One thing I learned is that widows were to place all their hope in God, asking for his help in prayer (all the time, not just the hard times) and to live for His pleasure and not their own. That's just good advice widow or not.

Find someone to encourage in their faith today and have a great time at it!!!