Friday, September 14, 2007


6th Graders:

Remember tomorrow is our 1st Breakfast Club meeting at McDonalds. 9:00am. All you have to bring is yourself and some money to eat your favorite McDonalds breakfast. We will be done by 10am. CUTHERE


Hey! I was looking at my wall calendar and it seems like some of you are getting older!

on Sept. 5--taylor marlin
Sept. 7--sara weis
sept. 8--leah ridgway
sept. 16--jacob boltz
sept. 20--rebbeccah snyder

That's all I have on my calendar, but if you had a birthday and I didn't know about it. Please let me know so I can wish you a Gargantuanly Happy Birthday.

God Time

Today I am in my office at church looking over the God time cards for this week. Day 4 is soooo good. It reminds us that initiative has 2 parts. 2 count em 1, 2--SEEING what needs to be done and DOING it. God says when we SEE someone who needs help, you need to DO something about it. This week we learned about looking for ways to care about the people we love. But you don't have to know someone to care about them. Two ways you can show love to someone you don't know are to save your allowance and donate to someone in need or to take some of your old, but good clothes and toys and donate them to a group that will give them out to people in need.
Maybe you can think up your own creative way to help others. Let me know Sunday what you came up with. Well, I'm going to dress warmly to watch Trevor play football tonight. GO TITANS!!! What are you doing this weekend? Let me know what kind of fun you plan to have--and look for ways to show initiative while you are at it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Are you looking?????

Are you looking for ways to show initiative this week? I am! In fact, I am going to take the initiative to tell you a joke. RU Ready???? Ok! Did you hear about the new restaurant on the moon???? Well, the food is good, but there's no atmosophere! lolololololololololololololol
Get it???? No Atmosphere!!! Oh my that's a good one! Hey hope you are signed up for skating. We leave tomorrow at 5:30. See You Then!

Monday, September 10, 2007


tODAY'S QUESTION OF THE WEEK IS. . . . . (drumroll please)

The midwives in our story from the book of Exodus in the Bible showed initiative by protecting the Israelite babies from Pharoah. What did God do to reward the midwives for caring for those that they loved??????

I spy with my crazy little eyes

Here's Ms Monica with her CRAZY eyes in class Sunday. Remember this week to be looking ways that you can care for the people you love. That's an awesome way to show what. . .
INITIATIVE, that's what!!!!!!

Who is that masked man?

Here James is a masked man. He played the part of a pharisee--they tried to hide behind the laws instead of just listening to Jesus and doing what he said. James looked pretty cool in that mask, don't cha think?


Some of you may know Chris Cook. He's the youth/children's minister at Bowen Christian Church and he was one of the dean's of Jr. 3 camp. Here he is with some of our kids in a "Lazarus" contest at Walk Thru the Bible Sunday.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Question of the Week

What was the name of the guy who showed initiative by leading a group of people to rebuild Jerusalem's wall in our story Sunday? Anybody know?

Jacob got caught . . .making the wise choice

Jacob Duffin must have been listening Sunday. He went home and took the INITIATIVE to help his mom out when she wasn't feeling well. I heard there were some dirty dishes in the sink, and Jacob washed them all without EVEN being asked. How cool is is that? High Five to you, man!

Congratulations Macey!!!

Macey Black sent me the right answer to all of my questions. She knew John the Baptist ate locusts and honey, and she knew 2 ways that Joseph had to trust God. Way to go, Macey!