Monday, February 06, 2006

Hey! I went to Torrence School last week to have lunch with some of His Kids! Had a great taco lunch with corn and peanut butter bars!!! Woo-hooooo! Then it was out for some recess. Brantley was on safety patrol, and Kirbey was playing some game of kickball with your hands. . .what was that called again???? And I got to join Cassidy in a pretty good game of keep away. Nic was playing some dodgeball, and I saw Madison playing four square. Chandler was shooting hoops! Then it was time for a school assembly. His Kids from NTCC got quite a few honors. I am so proud of you guys. Brantley received a citizen ship award for the 5th grade. And there was at least one kid in each grade from our church that met their AR goals and were recognized for that, too!! WAY TO GO!!!! You are making a difference at your school! See you soon. Mz. Dawn